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SCHEELS IcePlex COVID-19 Guidelines

The winter season is quickly approaching and COVID19 cases continue to rise in  South Dakota.

Our number one priority is to provide a safe space for our skaters and curlers. We have asked every user group at the SCHEELS IcePlex to have a written COVID19 plan to follow when a user within their group tests positive.

The user group will notify the SCHEELS IcePlex when they have a participant who tested positive. They will then follow the protocol set forth by the user group.

The SCHEELS IcePlex continues to stand behind the general best practices:

1. Practice social distancing at ALL times.

2. Wash your hands and sterilize them as often as possible.

3. In and out of the rink as quickly as possible.

4. Limit time spent in locker rooms and lobby to no more than 15 minutes.

5. Wearing a mask is strongly encouraged.

6. If you are feeling ill…STAY HOME!

Thank you.

Brian Prisbe




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