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On Monday, January 2nd, the SCHEELS IcePlex is hosting the inaugural Summer Hockey Combine.

The idea behind it is to get the kids here for a fun 2 hours of ice time, show off their skills, recognize the best times/scores on the Wall of Fame and distribute information about the Summer Hockey Teams/Programs that will take place next summer.


Here is how it will work:

* We will have sessions for U10 (2006 - 07), U12 (2004-05), U14 (2002-03), U16 (2001-00). 

* The first hour will be skills challenge.

                * Speed, 2 different events.

                * Hardest Shot

                * Accurate Shot

* Then a 15 minute break, then to the other rink for a controlled scrimmage.

* We are going to create a plaque/leader board for the fastest/best score from the events above that will be on display at the rink forever.  Like you see in High School gymnasium's . 

* This would be a perfect event to have your Summer Hockey programming ready to distribute and recruit kids for your summer teams or camps.  Tables will be available to set up in the lobby to promote your product, sell spirit wear and educate parents about your summer programming.

*  The IcePlex will be charging $10 a skater to participate.  No charge to you to promote your product or sell spirit wear.


Tournament Schedule

Northland Hockey April 1 -3

Northland Hockey April 8-10

Northland Hockey August 4-6

Northland Hockey August 18-20




Party on the Ice!

Host your next birthday party at the SCHEELS Iceplex.